the Dark shall do what Light cannot released in paperback today

the Dark shall do what Light cannot, the second novel in the LiGa series by Sanem Ozdural is available from today in a paperback edition.

Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

Following on from the critically acclaimed LiGa™, this new novel reveals more about the secretive organisation behind the life-extending technology of LiGa. Along with LiGa’s newest recruits, we are transported from New York on an eventful voyage across the high seas and beyond the Light Veil to the colourful and wonderful world of Pera, an almost-mythical place on the other side of reality. On the way we meet the pirate Patron and her ship the Flying Fish, the only one that can sail through the Light Veil; Orion (Imm.), the Hunter, respected by some and feared by others; and Shadow, the formidable soul of Pera.

There are light trees in Pera that eat sunlight and bear fruit which, in turn, lights up and energises (literally) the whole community. There are light birds that glitter in the night because they have eaten the seed of the lightberry. The House of Light and Dark, which is the domain of the Sun and her brother, Twilight, welcomes all creatures living in Pera. But in the midst of all the glitter, laughter and the songs, it must be remembered that the lightberry is poisonous to the non-Pera born, and the Land is afraid when the Sun retreats, for it is then that Twilight walks the streets…

the Dark shall do what Light cannot has been available in popular eBook formats since the 10th April.