J.A.Christy interviewed by Amanda Saint on Retreat West

jacavatarAs part of her Year of Indie Debuts, Amanda Saint is interviewing some amazing authors on her website Retreat West. Today she has published an interview with our very own J.A.Christy to talk about SmartYellow™ which we published as an eBook this month (and which will be out in paperback in November).

Artwork: Leosaysays
Artwork: Leosaysays

Amanda asks about the inspiration behind SmartYellow™ and other influences; they discuss the worrying similarities between the disturbing vision of an alternative society presented in SmartYellow™ and the realities of life for less fortunate members of society today, not least the distinction between living and merely surviving; and we hear a little about J.A.Christy’s future plans.

The interview is well worth reading, as is SmartYellow™ of course!

You can read the whole of Amanda’s interview on Retreat West here.