“terrific and well written” – review of Future Perfect on Between the Lines

On her Between the Lines blog, Cathy Ryan has reviewed Future Perfect by Katrina Mountfort.

Artwork: Alex Storer
Artwork: Alex Storer

After setting the scene and introducing the characters of Caia and Mac, Cathy starts her review by saying that “Future Perfect is a terrific and well written debut novel”. She goes on to say that following the story from Caia’s perspective is “fascinating” as she comes to realise the superficiality of Citidome life and “struggles with the feelings she doesn’t initially understand for Mac”. Cathy says she loves “the descriptions of Caia’s discoveries in the real world, from snowflakes to bluebells, the whole concept of being ‘outside’ and able to think and speak for herself without reprisal”.

Cathy commends Katrina for “very cleverly and subtly” developing the shallowness of a society devoted to “celebrity perfection and reality TV”. She concludes that, together with “the oppression practised on the populace it’s a frightening yet, at the same time, believable concept of a dystopian future”.

You can read Cathy’s full review on her blog here.

Future Perfect is the first book in the Blueprint trilogy and is available in both eBook and paperback. The second book in the trilogy, Forbidden Alliance, is available for pre-order as an eBook in advance of its publication on the 4th September, and will be out in paperback in December.