The Help a Boy Satirist Achieve His Lifelong Dream Campaign

Ira NaymanIra Nayman, author of the satirical science fiction Transdimensional Authority series, has entered a competition and has asked for the help of all his fans. Ira always livens up any of our events that he attends and brings a smile to the face of even the most hardened SF fan, so we’re happy to try and give him a hand. I’ll let Ira explain in his own words:

The Help a Boy Satirist Achieve His Lifelong Dream Campaign

What would your life be like if you woke up one morning and found yourself in a random body of the opposite sex? All of your memories up to the moment you went to sleep would be of your old body, and your basic personality would be the same. But now you would have to deal with a completely different set of physical characteristics, including a different set of hormones. What would this do to your sense of yourself, your idea of who you are? How would you cope?

Now, imagine what life would be like if everybody you knew had changed into a random body of the opposite sex overnight. How would you prove to your spouse that you were the same person? Would you believe them when they tried to convince you that they were the same person? What would you do if the attraction was no longer there? How would this affect your relationships with friends, acquaintances and other family members? For example: what would you do if your three month old daughter now inhabited the body of a forty year-old man?

As if that weren’t enough, imagine a world in which in which everybody’s sex had changed. Would male politicians maintain their positions on women’s issues (ie: reproductive rights) when they became women? Would the predominantly male CEOs of major corporations retain the faith of the market when they were no longer male? What would this do to the glass ceiling? How would international relations work when it was difficult to establish the true identities of world leaders?

These are some of the ideas explored in the new novel by Canadian satirist Ira Nayman called Both Sides. NOW! The novel has been written, but it has yet to find a publisher. That’s where you come in.

Crowdfunding publisher Inkshares and all things geeky Web site Nerdist are running a contest to determine which science fiction and fantasy books can get the most pre-orders by September 30. The five books that come out on top will be published by Inkshares under the Nerdist imprint; they will be placed in American bookstores and given some attention in American media, and the companies even hold out the possibility of a TV or movie deal. It really is every writer’s dream. I’m getting all choked up here just thinking about it!!

What can you do to make it a reality? Go to the Inkshares Web site (, read the 50 page excerpt from the novel, love the 50 page excerpt from the novel and pre-order a copy of the novel. (Or, be indifferent to the 50 page excerpt from the novel, but wish Ira Nayman well enough to pre-order a copy of the it anyway. He’ll accept that. He’s not proud.) Then, share this release with people you think might read/love/pre-order Both Sides. NOW!

Let’s see if, together, all of us caring, sharing people can make the dream come true!!!