“Recommended for all lovers of books about future worlds” – review of Forbidden Alliance on Terry Tyler Book Reviews

Artwork: Alex Storer
Artwork: Alex Storer

On her Book Reviews blog, Terry Tyler has written a review of Forbidden Alliance, the second book in the Blueprint trilogy by Katrina Mountfort. When she read Future Perfect, the first book of the trilogy earlier this year, Terry wrote a review in which she said she LOVED it and couldn’t wait for the next one. So it’s perhaps not surprising that she was one of the first people to buy Forbidden Alliance when it was published last friday and her review was posted today (monday). That seems like a great way to spend a weekend! She says that the story is “as well thought out, entertaining and thought provoking as the first in the series” and that she is now very much looking forward to reading the last book in the trilogy. She adds that the way in which “the old ways of life emerge in the communities outside the Citidomes is absorbing” as is the “difference between the ‘normal’ people and the Citidome residents” after the escape plan.

She concludes by recommending it to “all lovers of books about future worlds” whether or not you’re a Young Adult. Thanks Terry 😉

You can read the whole of Terry’s review on her blog here, and her review of Future Perfect here.

Forbidden Alliance was published in a digital edition on 4th September 2015 and will be out in paperback in December. The final book in the trilogy will be published next year.