Five reasons you should read An Android Awakes – review by Megan Noblett

On her tumblr site Books and Ponies, (and also on Goodreads), reviewer Megan Noblett has written a review of An Android Awakes by Mike French and Karl Brown. Called Five reasons you should read An Android Awakes, Megan lists five reasons why you should read An Android Awakes (but you’d probably guessed that from the title!). For each reason she provides her justification. Her reasons are:

1. It’s a novel-graphic novel hybrid.

2. It’s a full length novel-anthology hybrid.

3. The artwork is exquisite.

4. It’s a highly original concept, with inventive stories.

5. It’s simply a sublime book.

Artwork: Karl Brown Cover Design: Craig Nash
Artwork: Karl Brown
Cover Design: Craig Nash

Megan describes An Android Awakes as “a dystopian story with a captivating combination of words and pictures.” She goes on to say that the android’s story is “told through words and beautiful pictures. An Android Awakes is a delightful mesh of book and graphic novel.” Because the android is trying to submit a novel for publication (if he gets 42 rejections he will be deactivated), the book includes several of the short stories he has tried to submit. Megan says that these stories are “carefully grafted into the main story, giving clues about what led to the dystopian future Android Writer P121928 lives in. The short stories link and interweave in a cleverly subtle ways but each being able to stand alone as a story in itself.” The gorgeous artwork, she says, helps to build up the world the stories create, and is often “intriguing and haunting”. She found the idea behind the book “fascinating” and the android’s stories “unique and intriguing, often bizarre but always entertaining”. She says she was hooked from the moment she heard the plot, even though she’s not a particular fan of science fiction. Her overall summary, “the book was amazing!” and will appeal to many readers especially those who love science fiction or anyone who loves graphic novels.

You can read her review here