“fascinatingly engaging” – review of SmartYellow™ on Risingshadow

Artwork: Leosaysays
Artwork: Leosaysays

On the Risingshadow website, Seregil of Rhiminee has just reviewed SmartYellow™ by J.A. Christy. Seregil starts by saying it was a “pleasant surprise” and goes on to describe it as “a stunning and thought-provoking story” and “one of the best novels of its kind” as it blends dystopian fiction and mystery elements with social issues. He adds that what makes SmartYellow™ stand out from other novels is “the author’s ability to draw her readers into the protagonist’s life” with a story that is “fascinatingly engaging and realistic” and characters that are fully fleshed out, credible and “relate to each other in a believable way”. In particular the two main characters have credible “personal voices of their own”.

Outlining the story background, Seregil says it “is the beginning of a fascinatingly told and terrifyingly realistic story about social control”. Readers get a “realistic and uncompromising glimpse” into the life of Katrina, the main protagonist, writing “touchingly” yet also “unflinchingly” about the problems in her harsh life and how she tries to survive on inadequate benefits. Seregil says that J.A. Christy “explores social inequity and scientific responsibility in an intriguing way”, causing the reader to ponder many questions relating to social control, some of which are answered in the story but many of which are left for the reader to decide for themselves. Seregil applauds this, saying that it is “rewarding to read an intelligent and thought-provoking story that raises questions about our current way of life” and how we treat those who are different or don’t fit in.

Seregil closes the review comparing J.A. Christy with Margaret Atwood. He admits that he seldom gives 5 stars, but felt compelled to do so for SmartYellow™ because “there’s something in this novel that intrigued me a lot”. Commenting that the author “writes excellently and realistically about Katrina and her problems”, Seregil says he is looking forward to reading more speculative fiction from J.A. Christy “because she’s a talented new voice in the field of modern speculative fiction”. He concludes by recommending SmartYellow™ because it’s “well written” and the “story flows effortlessly from start to finish”.

You can read Seregil’s full review on Risingshadow here.