REVEALED – Cover of Can’t Dream Without You by Tanya Reimer

Next month we will be publishing Can’t Dream Without You by Tanya Reimer, a story from The Dark Chronicles. So here’s an early look at the cover.

Cover by Alison Buck inspired by MC Escher
Cover by Alison Buck inspired by MC Escher

Legends say that, tens of thousands of years ago, Whisperers were banished from the heavens, torn in half, and dumped on a mortal realm they didn’t understand. Longing for their other half, they went from being powerful immortals to lonely leeches relying on humans to survive. Over the years, they earnt magic from demons, they left themselves Notebooks with hints, and, by pairing up with human souls, they eventually found their other halves. Humbled by their experiences, they discovered the true purpose of life and many were worthy of returning to the heavens. But not all of them. The Dark Chronicles are stories that share the heartache of select unworthy Whisperers on their journey to immortality after The War of 2019. Can’t Dream Without You is one of the stories from The Dark Chronicles, in which we meet Steve and Julia. Steve isn’t a normal boy. He plays with demons, his soul travels to a dream realm at night using mystical butterflies, and soon he’ll earn the power to raise the dead…

The style of Alison’s cover design for Tanya’s book was inspired by the amazing work of MC Escher. What better way to show the movement of immortals and demons between the different realms? And do some of those demons look like butterflies?

Tanya’s comment on the cover: “OMG, it’s awesome. It’s powerful and symbolic and mysterious and artistic and magical and perfectly weird.” I think she likes it!

Can’t Dream Without You will be published as an eBook in January 2016 and in the Spring in paperback.