The latest novel from Dave Weaver is a disturbing paranormal story set in idyllic Essex countryside

What if the cottage of your dreams turns out to be a house from hell? The Unseen is a darkly erotic tale of guilt and obsession – hallucinatory and horrifying, with a shocking finale.

DARTFORD, KENT – 12 April 2016 – Elsewhen Press, an independent UK publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction, is delighted to announce a deal signed with author Dave Weaver for his latest novel The Unseen.

Dave Weaver is not constrained within any single genre. His previous work has encompassed YA fantasy and futuristic science fiction, but his latest novel has more in common with his 2014 paranormal journey through Japanese culture, Japanese Daisy Chain. This time, however, the story unfolds in an apparently idyllic cottage in a little village tucked away in the heart of Essex. But even within this novel, Dave does not feel obliged to limit himself: a paranormal story, yes, but with elements of a crime novel and a dark passionate thriller.

Artwork by Alison Buck; Cottage photograph by 1000 Words/
Artwork by Alison Buck; Cottage photograph by 1000 Words/

Ex-advertising man John Mason is driving to the small town of Hambleford to view a cottage that is for sale, when he is caught in a sudden hailstorm. It brings back memories of the crash a year before in which he lost his wife Judith; a crash caused by a woman in white standing in the middle of the road – a woman who was nowhere to be found after the accident. As the hailstorm lashes his car he has a vision of her, with empty eyes and a silent screaming mouth. John had been having regular dreams about her ever since the crash, but lately they have been replaced by dreams of an idyllic cottage on a hillside like the one in which Judith had wanted them to live. John is special – he sees things that others can’t. Since childhood he’s had strange experiences but has tried to shut them out; now he thinks Judith is trying to contact him, that she’s been sending his mind images of the house where her spirit will join him again, and that Pine Cottage in Hambleford is literally the cottage of his dreams. But things aren’t all as they appear and John quickly becomes convinced that a spirit other than Judith is trying to manipulate him.

Available from Elsewhen Press on popular eBook platforms in May, The Unseen will be published in August in a paperback edition.

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About Dave Weaver

Dave WeaverA graphic designer by day, Dave has been writing by night for over a decade. With numerous short stories published in anthologies and webzines, he has had three novels published by Elsewhen Press – Jacey’s Kingdom (2013), Japanese Daisy Chain (2014) and The Black Hole Bar (2014). He is a big fan of science fiction, and has written many futuristic tales. But much of his writing also hovers on the shifting borders between fantasy and reality, a world of glimpsed ghosts and shadows, unspoken secrets, demons from the past and uncertain visions of the future.