Dodgy Bank Holiday weather predicted – Elsewhen Press to the rescue!

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend again and, as we head into it, the lovely weather we’ve had today (at least here around Elsewhen Towers) is not looking set to last. There’s a forecast of rain on Sunday and Monday. What a surprise.

But worry not! Elsewhen Press to the rescue! What better way to brighten up a dismal Bank Holiday than with a good book? And we have loads of good books for you to choose from. You don’t even have to brave the weather to get them as our books are available online on all the popular eBook platforms.

If you want science fiction, fantasy, epic fantasy, alternate history, a touch of the paranormal, time travel, dystopian futures, or even a good laugh we have a fantastic choice of titles for you. Look through the lists below…

(You might notice that some titles are in more than one list – not everything is easily classifiable!)

Science Fiction

Epic Fantasy


Alternate History

A Touch of the Paranormal

Time Travel

Dystopian Futures


Happy Bank Holiday – happy reading!