“shamelessly entertaining” – review of Sons of Liberty on RisingShadow

Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

On the RisingShadow.net website, Seregil of Rhiminee has just posted a review of Sons of Liberty, the fourth book in Christopher Nuttall’s Royal Sorceress series (apparently, while on holiday – that’s dedication!). Seregil starts by describing this book as wonderfully continuing “the shamelessly entertaining story of Lady Gwen”, he notes that Christopher Nuttall clearly aims to entertain readers by “investing time” into developing interesting characters and creating intriguing events. As a result this is “an entertaining and adventurous story about power, war, freedom, revolution and magic”.

In Sons of Liberty, Lady Gwen is sent to North America to train new sorcerers. Seregil writes that by “having Lady Gwen travel into the North American colonies the author brings plenty of freshness to the story” adding that Christopher “writes captivatingly about the political tensions that brew in the colonies”.

Seregil likes Christopher’s “way of writing about magic and magical abilities, because it seems to come naturally to him”. He also liked the use of humour to lighten the story “in a wonderful way”, and commended Christopher who “masters it so well that you can’t help but enjoy his sense of humour”.

Seregil recommends the book to readers “because it’s excellent and fluently written entertainment for adult readers.” And in his concluding remarks he returns to his initial comment: “It’s a shamelessly entertaining alternate history novel with plenty of magic. Excellent entertainment!

You can read Seregil’s complete review on RisingShadow here.