“Outstanding” – review of Sailor to a Siren on Marian L Thorpe’s Words and Birds blog

Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

On her blog Words & Birds, Marian L Thorpe (writer, birder, reviewer, artist) has just posted a review of Sailor to a Siren by Zoë Sumra.

Marian starts by describing Sailor to a Siren as “classic science fiction, belonging to the genre that gave us Dune and The Sardonyx Net”, then compliments Zoë by saying her “world-building is the best I have seen in a very very long time” while the characters are “fully-realized people”. She goes on to describe the complexity of the universe that the characters inhabit, yet the ease and subtlety with which Zoë conveys it. Punctuated, she says, “with descriptions of stunning precision and beauty”.

She adds “This is one of the rare books where I have no ‘niggle’ to report” and concludes by awarding 5 stars “five stars plus, if I could” for an “outstanding debut novel”. Thanks Marian.

You should read Marian’s full review on her blog here.