“A clever update to a magical school story with a twist.” – Christopher Nuttall on Instrument of War

Christopher Nuttall, bestselling author of many fantasy and science fiction series including the Schooled in Magic, recently brought Rebecca Hall’s Symphony of the Cursed trilogy to the attention of his followers. With the forthcoming release of the second book in Rebecca’s trilogy, he read an advance copy and described it as “A clever update to a magical school story with a twist.”

Artwork by Alison Buck
Artwork by Alison Buck

Instrument of War continues from Instrument of Peace, the first book in the trilogy, as Mitch, Hayley and Nikola return for their final year in the International Academy of Magic at Lake Moawhango in New Zealand.

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Instrument of War, the second book in the Symphony of the Cursed trilogy, is already available on all major eBook platforms for pre-order. It will be published on 2nd June and will be available in paperback at the end of August. There will also be a belated launch party at FantasyCon in Peterborough in September!