7 Dalga: Chakras

Tell us, friend. Tell us: what is the first?
The first wave…

It is the worst, the first.

It is the crown that bursts; the royal teeth

That do their worst.

The purple wreath

of death

Is the first


Tell us…friend
We have to know
The second to the worst
Or is it?

The second is Loss

Loss of time

Loss of self

Loss of all that once was…

Lost in a wave as blue as the midnight sky


We grow sad…And yet, we Must know!
Even the worst we must know
Tell us…
The third

I cannot breathe!

Air. Please, give me air!

The third wave envelopes me and I am lifted high

Higher into the sky

The bright blue sky

So high

Too high!

I cannot breathe…


Tell us, friend!
Quickly, tell us the fourth!
Before you are out of breath…

It breaks my heart, this wave

This fourth wave

Of mourning.

Shrouded in green

Under the crescent moon…


Our pain is great!
And yet… we must know
The rest

A punch to the gut!

A ram with yellow teeth

Is the fifth…

Foul and filthy

The rotten seed


Friend…It is almost done
Tell us,
Tell us now!
The sixth…

Have you no shame?

The name…

I cannot name

All of the Six!

I am wracked

And broken

By the Six


Fear not, friend!
We are here; we are near…
You will never be wracked and broken
by the Six!
Tell us, friend…
The last
But not least…


Is the number of the Beast.

Red is the color of the last

Red is the color of the Beast…


Sanem Özdural