7 Dalga: The Song of the Sky: When Freedom Barges In (Part 10)

The parrots squawked: here come the Kings and Queens, decked out in purple, blue and green…

All hail Lord Despair

The spades’ head gonzo…

He thinks he’s the King of Kings

But he’s just the King of Craps and Risotto

And his lady love

That baleful dove…

Is the strident Queen of Pain and Panto!

Here’s the Hart of Hearts

The ashen Queen

The Lady of your heart’s desire

Don’t be fooled!

All you’ll get from this old nag

Is a pile of ashes when sets your house on fire

The brassy hag is bride to the Stag

The Stag of Hope and Glory

Well that’s too bad!

Hope’s long gone, and for this pair there’s never any glory…

Meet the Master!

The Master Blaster

A.K.A. the Diamond Disaster

And his sister-dear

The pure as mud, the fad, the dud,

The dainty Queen Nirvana

The King of Clubs sits on his throne

The Throne of Lice and Dysentery

His Lady-wife sings beside him

Deaf and mute, the Queen of Cacophony


Sanem Özdural