7 Dalga: The Song of the Sky: When Freedom Barges In (Part 14)

NO. 14

Go, friend, go to No. 14…

It is strange on the whole

This crocodile in the back streets of Pera

Oh, just ambling, rambling

Searching for its kin

Sunning its crocodile skin

On the rooftops of Pera

Are you a-feared?

The streets are dark

The lights are dim

The streets are dark

And you may be shot at whim

But the odd croc’s a-waddling

Just plodding to find its kin

Go, friend, go to No. 14…

And in the early morning at midnight

When the blind policeman patrols

Playing sleet with the boys…

A crocodile is wandering, wondering



Recasting, sandblasting, re-constructing


Out of Pera


Sanem Özdural