7 Dalga: The Song of the Sky: When Freedom Barges In (Part 15)


Since the 1980s, when the technology was developed enough to be applied to civilian life, different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) have been used to manipulate, coerce, sicken, and even kill people – mostly civilians – throughout the world. Advances in technology have only made its use more efficient, widespread and, of course, deadly.

EMFs exist naturally and artificially in the world around us, but only a small band are visible and/or audible to the human senses. Other species, such as birds, are able to see a greater array of these wavelengths. Nonetheless, even someone like me who is not versed in the science behind EMFs can recognize just from everyday life that a frequency that may be invisible and inaudible can still have very real physical effects: think of the heating effect of microwaves and infrared, for instance, or the effect of ultraviolet on exposed skin. It is, therefore, not a novel idea that these and other frequencies can and do impact the mental, emotional and physical physiology of living beings. In fact, the impact and use thereof of all of the frequencies have been studied and documented by varied arms of science – not least of which is the military – for decades.

For certain people, the ability to use an invisible and inaudible frequency to manipulate, coerce, sicken and even kill others – seemingly undetected – has appeared attractive and lucrative. For this reason, EMFs are now used everywhere throughout the world. I do not refer only to the emissions from our ubiquitous electronic and electrical devices such as cell phones, TVs, household appliances, etc., but advances in technology have brought applications of EMFs into every corner of our lives: from the paints on our walls to our shoes, clothes, cleaning products, medicines, medical devices, and of course, food and beverages. Researchers and physicians have linked EMFs to a growing number of ailments and disorders that have become ever more prevalent in our lives. These include such disparate ailments as respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, cataracts, heart disease and strokes, some cancers, autoimmune disorders, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, insomnia, depression, and yes, even PMS! The list goes on, and there are numerous people who can and will explain it in detail.

And it all depends on the fact that these EMFs are largely invisible and inaudible to the human senses. It is the great Secret of our time.

Why am I writing this, you may ask, knowing full well that certain people will leave no stone unturned in their attempts to dismiss, denigrate, discredit, criminalize, manipulate me and what I write, and of course to cause me untold physical, mental and emotional harm? Well, the truth is that I’ve been around this block a few times in the past few years, starting with the publication of my first novel, LiGa, which inadvertently hit a few sensitive home truths. The first serious attempt on my life was not until late 2014-early 2015 when I was tortured by various EMFs for several months within my own home. I survived that attempt and countless others largely thanks to the intervention of third parties. But if there is one thing I have learned through this experience it is this: I am not the only person this has happened to, I am not the first and I will not be the last until this most insidious, deadly scourge is stopped. No one – not me, not the people I love, no one in the world – can be free until we put an end to this invisible yet very real and very deadly technology, and make sure it can never be used again.


Sanem Özdural