7 Dalga: The Song of the Sky: When Freedom Barges In (Part 17)


The ideas and basic strategies behind what I will describe in this section are not novel or new. They have, in fact, been in use by various people throughout human history. Trying to cause chaos and disruption – either in a personal or society-wide – to suit a particular agenda is the tried-and-true technique used by pretty much every would-be manipulator in history. What is new in our time are the techniques, which are dependent on today’s rapid advances in technology:

1. EMFs: certain frequencies are regularly used to cause disruption in a person’s mental state – such as confusion, memory-loss, a feeling of lethargy – and emotional state. A person, or persons, can be manipulated entirely through the use of invisible and inaudible frequencies, to feel any emotion the manipulator wants. This can be anger, joy, depression and euphoria. People can thereby be manipulated to act in ways that may be uncharacteristic and/or harmful to self or others. This often results in some form of punishment, censure and, more often than not, psychiatric treatment for a disorder that the person now often believes they suffer from. One particularly insidious effect of EMFs is on a person’s dreams. Through the inducement of a fugue state, the target can be made to have a ‘dream’ – often recurring – that involves either an obsessive act of violence or sex. Coupled with the ingredients in medications, foods, etc. such as excessive hormones, the target’s natural character can be seen to change over time – showing either a propensity for violence and/or a sexual preference they did not previously exhibit or feel. These uncomfortable and unfamiliar ‘feelings’ and dreams will also cause the person to either act in ways that are harmful (to self and/or others), and/or to seek psychiatric treatment.

2. Medications: many medications – for physical and psychiatric conditions – have known and deliberate side-effects that also mimic and/or amplify the effects of the EMFs regularly in use. So, a person’s mental and emotional state will be further manipulated through the use of medications coupled with EMFs.

The much-reported and ever-increasing incidences of violence in today’s society are, at least in part, to be attributed to the above techniques. The goal, as always, is control. To criminalize and eventually neuter a person’s natural self-defense mechanism: anger. Although EMFs are currently used in secret to manipulate people, the aim is to use EMFs to get to a state when they will be used legally to control and bind people – all in the name of Peace and Harmony.

Do you want to wear an electric dog collar?


Sanem Özdural