7 Dalga: The Song of the Sky: When Freedom Barges In (Part 18)


Cyborgs and other forms of humanoid hybrids are currently walking among us, or are in heavily-concealed secret locations undergoing unimaginable experimentation. These include both human-animal hybrids and human-plant hybrids. Entirely without my knowledge – and obviously without ever seeking my consent – I was chosen for one of these top-secret, military-funded (by a number of the world’s leading military forces) experimental projects based on my physical characteristics and abilities, and my proven telepathic and empathic abilities. I, and my offspring, were to be experimented on and eventually ‘transformed’ into a human/machine/animal hybrids with male and female genitalia for use as weapons and sex slaves. This type of experimentation is already ongoing. There are many people who have been and are currently being victimized by this – for lack of a stronger word – particularly deranged and sadistic form of human cruelty.


Sanem Özdural