Howlish ABC for Growups – free download

Artwork: Alison Buck

In HOWUL, a life’s journey by David Shannon, the novel’s eponymous hero is given two books to help him learn how to write: Jack and Julie Learn To Read and The ABC Book. The world they show (our world) is filled with happy, smiling, well-fed children. Howul’s world (in the future) is very different.

Now, in Howlish ABC for Growups, he provides us with own savage, hilarious alternative. An ABC written by an angry, misanthropic 35-year-old. Envious of all the luxuries Jack and Julie have, he hates how easily they take them for granted. The first entry is “A is for Arseholes”. It neatly sets the tone…

An excerpt from Howul’s ABC appears in the published novel and has already been exuberantly seized upon by readers and critics (“A hilarious highlight” – Reader’s Digest). This fully-extended and fully-illustrated version of Howul’s ABC is now available as a free, 68-page download (pdf, eBook and Kindle – see below). We’re not asking you to give us your email address or sign up to anything to get it: it is completely free, with no strings.

Reading Howlish ABC for Growups will give you a good sense of who Howul is, what his life is like and what he makes of us (the “People Before”). If you like it, we’re sure you’ll also love HOWUL, a life’s journey.

You can download Howlish ABC for Growups from here.