Satire with extra bite – review by Lisa Timpf of Ira Nayman’s Bad Actors on The Miramichi Reader

Cover artwork by Hugh Spencer
Cover artwork by Hugh Spencer

On the Miramichi Reader website, Lisa Timpf has just reviewed Bad Actors, the second book in Ira Nayman’s trilogy about the Multiverse Refugees.

She introduces the book as “In Bad Actors: Second Pi in the Face, veteran Canadian author Ira Nayman serves up offbeat hilarity with a side order of satire.” She adds that “One of the distinguishing features of Nayman’s writing is an irrepressible wit.” After briefly outlining the plot of the first book of the trilogy, Good Intentions, and introducing the plot of Bad Actors, Lisa writes “As anyone familiar with Nayman’s work might expect, Bad Actors is steeped in humour in a variety of forms, including ridiculous situations, slapstick, tangential digressions, and word play. It’s helpful to take one’s time reading Nayman’s writing so as not to miss any of his funny references, which range from in-your-face obvious to subtle-enough-to-miss-if-you’re-not-careful.”

She goes on to talk about the serious side of the story (indeed the whole trilogy), using humour to address the issue of racism and discrimination, and says that “Nayman’s passion for this issue comes through clearly in Bad Actors, adding extra bite to the satire.”

You can read the whole of Lisa’a review on the Miramichi Reader here. Thanks Lisa, glad you enjoyed the book.