An Extraordinary Tale out today in eBook

An Extraordinary tale by P.R. Ellis; cover art by Alison Buck
Cover art by Alison Buck

Today sees the publication of An Extraordinary Tale by P.R. Ellis.

A gnome, a mouse and a skeleton meet on a train

No… not the start of a joke but of an adventure that crosses worlds, space and time!

The Fairy Queen’s electrum, the most valuable material in the world, has been stolen. By chance Philbrach Hohenheim, a gnome, finds himself on the trail of the thief. A motley fellowship is formed between the gnome and other creatures. The pursuit crosses lands, times and realities until finally a major puzzle at the borders of the world is solved. On the way, Philbrach encounters giant pigeons, a sentient fungus, a seafaring merman, the Sun’s chariot driver and other helps and hindrances.

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