Blood War by Tej Turner published today

Blood War, Book 3 of the Avatars of Ruin series by Tej Turner is published today in eBook format.

Blood War by Tej Turner; Cover by Alison Buck
Cover: Alison Buck

Sharma stands on the precipice of destruction as Gavendara’s army of shapeshifters surges towards the Valantian mountains. A mutant invasion leaving terror and death in its wake and whose victims rise again, swelling its ranks.

Yet still the Synod dithers, its leaders fractured as they plot and scheme against each other. Jaedin is now a fugitive, Bryna’s powers are waning, and Rivan grapples with the consequences of his resurrection – as well as the ominous entity that now lives beneath his skin. Whilst Miles, torn between loyalties, faces an impossible choice that could reshape the fate of nations.

Meanwhile, to the east, Elita seeks sanctuary within the enigmatic depths of Babua’s jungle. The people who dwell there are distrustful of her, but for a good reason. She indeed has secrets, and it seems that trouble has followed her.

Blood War will be available in paperback on 2nd February 2024.

“Smoothly throttles up a gear from the previous two books. The diverse and fleshed out characters face the desperate horrors of war, leading to a thrilling climax. An excellent addition to a gripping series.

David Craig author of the Sooty Feathers series.

About Bloodsworn, Book 1 of The Avatars of Ruin:

“This is epic fantasy with a touch of the mythic to it. There were villains I loved to hate, and a queer protagonist I loved rooting for. Action, magic, a world in peril… what more could you ask for?

Trip Galey author of A Market of Dreams and Destiny