COVER REVEAL: A Voice in the Darkness by Mark Iles

Book II of The Sundering Chronicles, Mark Iles’ latest book A Voice in the Darkness will be out later this month. But first we’re going to introduce you to the cover. A spooky image, which perfectly depicts the atmosphere of much of the story, set in wild woods on the Earth as it has become since the aliens invaded and (re-)introduced mythological creatures: shapeshifters, elves, werewolves, Fey, and even the dead who now inhabit the Earth. Yes! It is science fiction.

A Voice in the Darkness by Mark Iles; Cover artwork: Alex Storer
Cover artwork: Alex Storer

The author, Mark Iles, had been delighted with the cover for the first book in the series, Gardens of Earth, and was thrilled when the artist Alex Storer was available to do the cover for this book also. Alex said: “After initial conversations about possible directions for the cover art, I felt an image that matched the mystery of the title would work well. It is quite a sparse illustration compared to what I might normally do, but I’ve always loved the idea of artwork with pathways or entrances leading to curious places – which hopefully draw the reader in and make them want to find out what the cover isn’t showing…

Mark was once again delighted and especially happy that this unique cover image successfully captures such a key aspect of his story.

A Voice in the Darkness, Book II of The Sundering Chronicles will be available in eBook format from 28th June 2024 and in paperback from 29th July 2024.