COVER REVEAL: Lucifer & Son, Book III of the Sooty Feathers by David Craig

Lucifer & Son, Book III of the Sooty Feathers, by David Craig will be published in July, but today, in conjunction with The Fantasy Hive, we are delighted to reveal the cover, once again created by Alison Buck.

Lucifer & Son by David Craig; cover design and artwork by Alison Buck
Cover design and artwork by Alison Buck

The Devil you know.

October 1893.

The living and undead alike fall like autumn leaves as a supernatural war ignites in Glasgow. The reclusive vampyre lord, Niall Fisher, rules the city from his crypt through his undead regent, Margot Guillam, and the secret society known as the Sooty Feathers. That rule is now challenged by the city’s former master, Arakiel, a demon overthrown by Fisher two centuries prior.

As deaths and disappearances rise, Lady Delaney and her apprentice Kerry Knox gather allies to free Glasgow from the demons and undead alike. Body snatcher Wilton Hunt is one such ally, thanks to the machinations of the corrupt Bishop Redfort who plays his own game. Another is the uncompromising Wolfgang Steiner, a Templar Inquisitor as ruthless as the foe he fights.

But one among this band is Lucifer’s son, vengeance drawing him and his father back into the war, risking the revelation of his diabolical paternity. For Lady Delaney and the others, is the hour desperate enough to make common cause with the Devil?

From the glittering balls of high society to dung-caked slums, from a decrepit castle to tunnels beneath the city itself, blood is spilled and betrayal reigns. An exhausted stalemate looks nigh as Death’s scythe reaps without discrimination, but Arakiel plots to draw out Fisher for one last, decisive battle. And crucial to this scheme is an unwitting Lucifer, who must face the consequences of an ancient sin.

Lucifer & Son, will be published in a digital edition on 5th July 2024 and in paperback on 5th August 2024.