Out today: A Voice in the Darkness by Mark Iles

Mark IlesThe Sundering Chronicles series is an exciting mixture of science fiction and mythology. When the earth is invaded by aliens that can play with your mind it all gets very spooky. When they choose to bring back (or create, depending on your perspective) mythological creatures like werewolves and faeries along with misplaced monsters, it makes for a challenging environment for the surviving humans.

The eBook edition of Book II, A Voice in the Darkness, is out today on all the usual platforms.

A Voice in the Darkness by Mark Iles; Cover artwork: Alex Storer
Cover artwork: Alex Storer

When children on the colony of Semillion go missing they return changed, the parents even claim they are not their offspring. Sherrif Andrews soon finds himself investigating the bizarre situation. What he discovers leads to him being recalled by the military and sent back to Earth, a place now quarantined and where colonial humans are forbidden to venture. The intention is to recruit ex-commando Seethan Bodell, who’s living with the survivors of The Sundering and the mythological creatures that now inhabit the world.

Earth is still ruled with an iron fist by the alien Spooks, but there is something else going on behind the scenes, a new and deadly threat. To succeed, Andrews and Bodell need to call on that grand tapestry of inhabitants: the shapeshifters, elves, the ravening pack of werewolves that Seethan now belongs to, and even the dead; in the hope that it will be enough to prevent an escalating situation that could so easily lead to war.

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Book I of The Sundering Chronicles was Gardens of Earth.