About us

Elsewhen Press is a small independent publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction. Our Earth-based operations are headquartered in the UK, in the South East of England, whence we publish titles in English in print and electronic editions.

We love books, so we pride ourselves on the quality of our books, not only in terms of the content (which is down to the authors of course, although our editors feel they deserve some recognition too!), but also in terms of the quality of the finished book (the cover, layout, feel, smell, longevity and all those other qualities – tangible and intangible – that together define the final product that you hold in your hand) including electronic editions that are ultimately constrained by the features of the e-reader that you are using.

Read more about our philosophy here.

We have an experienced and enthusiastic team of people who make everything happen. When we decided we should write a little about them here there were so many suggestions (only some of which were printable) for what we should say about each member of the crew that we realised we would need an entirely separate page. If you’re interested in finding out more about any of us then feel feel to browse through the officers and crew page.