Karl Brown

Karl BrownKarl is a comic artist and illustrator born in 1989 and currently living in Luton in the UK. After initially studying in Northern Ireland he moved to England to do a degree in illustration at the University of Bedfordshire. During this time he worked on projects with the Design Museum in London and gained invaluable experience by participating in such programmes as the Penguin Random House Design Award to redesign a front cover for the Penguin classic, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  Finishing his degree with a study of the troubles in Northern Ireland between 1968 and 1998 he has since worked in calibration in developing concepts for local feature films, advertising and alongside writers and artists in various mediums.

Karl’s inspiration comes from his love of heavy metal music, his keen interest in history and works by Steve Dillon, Moebius, Frank Miller and Neal Adams.  A little too fond of cake, Karl is also a big fan of professional wrestling and will quickly point out to anyone who questions this with the quip, it’s not just about watching men rolling around in their underwear. Okay, Karl!

Artwork: Karl Brown Cover Design: Craig NashAn Android Awakes, written by Mike French and illustrated by Karl Brown was published by Elsewhen Press on 13th November 2015.



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    Karl can be contacted via Elsewhen Press using karl.brown (at) elsewhen.co.uk