Leosaysays“I used to think Leosaysays was a character I created… I now suspect I’m a character being created by Leosaysays”

I am an Artist and Psychotherapist working in Nottingham, UK. Leosaysays is the name of a character which I co-created as part of an emerging artistic video project in 2008.

Eventually Leosaysays became an alias of sorts and I both consciously and unconsciously developed a persona for hir [sic] that would sit at the foundations of a lot of my artwork.

Through a series of magic(k)al acts, synchronicities and personal experiences it eventually emerged that Leosaysays was not a project of my mind at all, but rather my mind was a project of an archetypal entity which presented itself to me as ‘Leosaysays’.

I am now symbiotically influenced by this entity and we have a cautious but passionate entanglement which is increasingly blurring the boundaries of what I previously believed my Self to be.

It just gets curioser and curioser [sic]…

Leosaysays has produced the cover art for SmartYellow™ by J.A. Christy:

Artwork: Leosaysays
Artwork: Leosaysays
Artwork: Leosaysays
Artwork: Leosaysays



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