Max Taquet

Max TaquetHello, I’m Max, from Brussels.

Visual art hit my soul for the first time when I discovered comic strips as a kid (Gaston, Lucky Luke, Yoko Tsuno, Astérix…)

Since that moment, it never left me.

Later, it has been completed with cinema, music, video games and traveling.

I studied art in secondary school, then in university.

Before deciding to follow my soul, I worked as a team leader in a very non art related field.

Daydreaming is my biggest quality, and my most powerful tool.

I rarely feel as complete as when I’m in front of a landscape. The large open space and the colossal beauty of the universe showing me that we’re just a tiny detail of this world. The contemplation defines me.

I’m trying my best to express a part of this contemplation. To share the energy flowing into my body while all my senses try to catch the immense and powerful majesty of the elements.

Specialized in editing, I cut, recut, modify, rotate, invert, scale down, rescale…

Then search for another picture and flip it, desaturate, change the contrast, cut it more, stretch, rerecut and retry.

Repeat the previous process.

Finally, from that bunch of transformed images, a composing should appear.

Max has produced the cover art for Birds of Paradise, the epic science fiction novel by Rudolf Kremers

Birds of Paradise by Rudolf Kremers; cover art by Max Taquet
Cover art: Max Taquet



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