Natascha Booth

Natascha BoothImagine a primary school kid waiting for school to start, sitting in an empty classroom. There’s a piece of paper nearby with the kid’s favourite Disney character, and coloured pencils at arm’s reach.

You’d expect that kid to start colouring in the characters. But no. She had other plans.

The kid decides to trace over the black lines, biting her tongue in concentration.

As the early mornings add up and the years go by, her art style and skill develops. She figures out how to draw lions in her own way. Lions lions lions everywhere. No blank piece of paper can escape. What a disaster.

As you might’ve guessed, that kid was Natascha. And although she doesn’t draw lion after lion anymore, her passion for drawing is unchanged and, ever since, she’s spent her life developing an ever-changing art style.

That silly little Disney colouring page somehow brought her to studying art abroad and working towards a future career in art, where she can do what she loves as a living.

Natascha has produced the cover art for Life on Mars, the science fantasy novel from Hugh Duncan. She also produced the illustrations within the book.

Cover art: Natascha Booth
Cover art: Cover art: Natascha Booth



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