Aerin Apeltun

Aerin Apeltun is an English writer based in the East of England. Aerin started writing stories as a child, and always loved reading about fantasy worlds, imagining herself within those worlds and joining in the adventures with the characters. She now loves to develop and write about her own worlds and mythologies.

Having been listed in a number of writing competitions, her debut YA Fantasy trilogy was acquired by SmashBear Publishing, and The Amethyst Talisman, the first in The Cursed Weapons trilogy, was published in July 2023. The second book, The Malachite Quest, followed in April 2024.

A Second Class Archer, Aerin has had various careers in school/university administration and insurance, as well as a stint at the local library, but writing is her passion. She also loves to draw, and is a keen fantasy cartographer, designing maps for her worlds. Aerin enjoys travelling, taking inspiration from nature and landscapes for settings and characters in her books.



Crystal Bloods is Aerin’s latest fantasy novel. It will be published by Elsewhen Press in 2025.




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