Alison Buck

Like all of us, Alison Buck has led many lives.

One as a sensible, hard-working type, employed in financial systems, graphic design and web site development.  Another as a writer, scribbling away, committing her stories to disc and eventually publishing several to reasonable acclaim.  Throughout all of them, the mother of two and wife of one.

Skilled at exploring the psychology and interior lives of her characters, Alison delivers stories that range from chilling tales of horror through insightful contemporary drama to thought-provoking science fiction.  Her empathy with her protagonists, her rich descriptive prose and her use of gentle humour serve to ensure that, whatever the setting, her stories are always a rewarding read.

[Re]Awakenings Cover ImageAlison’s stories Podcast, Dreamers, Mirror mirror and Intervention are included in [Re]Awakenings, an anthology of new speculative fiction which was published by Elsewhen Press on 21st November 2011.


Futures cover imageAlison has produced a science fiction themed Colouring book for adults, Futures, which was published by Elsewhen Press on 23rd March 2016.


Abiding Fear, the long awaited sequel to Alison’s bestselling horror story Abiding Evil will be published by Elsewhen Press in 2022.


Her previously published titles are:
Devoted Sisters published by Alnpete Press in paperback (2006) and eBook (2010).
Abiding Evil published by Alnpete Press in paperback (2007) and eBook (2011).



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