Anders Reemark

Anders ReemarkAnders Reemark was born in 1980 in Denmark. After highschool and business school, Anders was employed by Danske Bank, where he still works. Anders and his wife and four-year-old daughter currently reside in a suburb of Copenhagen together with a cat called Mouse(!)

Always an avid reader, Anders got into writing when reading aloud to his daughter. She always wanted more stories, and he discovered that he had a storytelling gift of his own. He began to write his stories down, and Mandigo and the Hellhounds is his first novel.

Anders’ first novel, Mandigo and the Hellhounds, which is book 1 of the Mandigo trilogy, was originally published in Danish (as Mandigo og Helvedeshundene) by Lars Stender e-books in 2015. Keen to see the story reach a wider audience it has been translated into other languages – the English translation by Nina Sokol was published by Elsewhen Press in August 2016.



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