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Andy McKellAndy was abducted by science-fiction in his teens. Exposed to American pulp magazines, he was hooked at First Contact. Subsequent exposure boosted the addiction until he was mainlining Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke and the whole author alphabet through to Zelazny, those long-gone heroes of mid-20th century science fiction. Then he discovered Tolkein and his fantastic ilk. A library of thousands of real paper books is preserved in Andy’s home, assembled during his student years, then his servitude in the airline and computing industries in London and Luxembourg.

His consumption was only quelled by the appearance of the McKell offspring – three lovely and talented daughters – and the setting-up of his own web design company. Time became the real “final frontier”: time is so inelastic under normal conditions. But as the girls began to fly the nest, he sold the company and retired early. At last, there was time. It was the right time.

Time to power-up the muse and the pc and tap out the tales that have simmered long in his subconscious. Strangely, a few editors seem to like his works. And a few readers, too.

He hopes you continue to enjoy reading his imaginings.

Existence is Elsewhen by John Gribbin et al; Artwork by Alison BuckAndy’s story Homo Sapiens Inferior is included in the anthology Existence is Elsewhen which was published by Elsewhen Press on 18th March 2016.


Galaxies and Fantasies: Cover design by Alison BuckGalaxies and Fantasies, Andy’s collection of short stories, was published by Elsewhen Press on 3rd June 2022.




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