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Ben GribbinBen Gribbin first fell in love with the sea when he was born in Brighton in 1976. Fascinated by fantasy and still in love with the sea, he uses these as major themes in his writing, particularly his poetry. He took his love for the sea with him when he studied at Trinity College, Dublin, for an MPhil in Creative Writing and Publishing, and spent any time not writing, or drinking Guinness, gazing wistfully at the beautiful Eastern Irish Coast.

Whilst living in London and pursuing a career in helping other people to publish their writing at a major publishing house, Ben wrote the first draft of his novel Thomas Silent. Several rewrites, 4 house moves, one wedding and 3 children later, Ben was excited to see Thomas Silent published by Elsewhen Press in 2015.

He also had The Sad Happy Tale of Aberystwyth the Bat, a novella for children, published in 2015. Ben has had poetry published in Magma, and The Irish Poetry Review.

He continues to love writing and the sea, working in his small box room in rural East Sussex, where he lives with his wife and children.

Cover by Alison Buck

Thomas Silent, was published by Elsewhen Press on 27th November 2015.


Artwork: David A. HardyThree short stories that Ben co-authored with his father John Gribbin, are included in the definitive collection of John’s Science Fiction short stories (with two Science Fact essays on subjects beloved of SF fans), Don’t Look Back, which was published by Elsewhen Press on 5th May 2017.


Galata by Ben Gribbin; Cover: Photos by Andrea Piacquadio; Background by Lise-Noor LemmensGalata, Ben’s murder mystery in an urban fantasy setting was published on 14th July 2023. Atmospheric, gripping, chilling and thrilling, all at the same time.




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