Chris Matravers

Screwing up all his final school exams taught Chris that failure is an option – but not necessarily one to be feared. When he finally made it to university he stayed for 9 years, the last three as a post-doc research biologist. The experience revealed to him that while he loved the subject he was not cut out for academia, or poverty.

A move to join a major IT company surprised those around him but it seemed like a good idea at the time, and so it proved to be – enabling Chris and his wife to see more of the world, as they raised three daughters.

Things Chris thinks, or has even been heard to say about why he writes:

One thing I know is that writing is good for the soul… if not for the wallet.

For me, writing is about sharing one’s imagination – to give enjoyment, to challenge norms and preconceptions, to go in search of answers… If ever I achieve any or all of these, I’ll be a happy man.

Writing keeps me sane when life threatens to pull me under. I consider myself lucky that a steadily increasing quality of rejection letters has raised me up until … Well, here I am, now…


Rink is Chris’s debut novel. It will be published by Elsewhen Press in 2025.




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