Douglas Thompson

Glasgow writer Douglas Thompson won the Herald/Grolsch Question Of Style Award 1989, 2nd prize in the Neil Gunn Writing Competition 2007, and the Faith/Unbelief Poetry Prize 2016. His short stories and poems have appeared in a wide range of magazines and anthologies, including Ambit, Albedo One, Chapman and New Writing Scotland. Variously classed as a Weird, Horror, Sci Fi, Literary, or Historical novelist, he has published more than 17 novels and collections of short stories and poetry since 2009, from various publishers in Britain, Europe and America, including Entanglement in 2012, and The Rhymer, an Heredyssey in 2014 from Elsewhen Press.

EntanglementDouglas’s philosophical science fiction novel, Entanglement, was published by Elsewhen Press on 1st August 2012.


Palimpsest derived from photos of Leonardo’s work by Janaka Dharmasena/ Original artwork by Alison BuckDouglas’s comic-poetic satire The Rhymer, an Heredyssey was published by Elsewhen Press on 2nd May 2014.


Existence is Elsewhen by John Gribbin et al; Artwork by Alison BuckDouglas’s story Bird Brains is included in the anthology Existence is Elsewhen which was published by Elsewhen Press on 18th March 2016.


Stray Pilot cover design by TenebraeDouglas’s thought-provoking science fiction novel Stray Pilot was published by Elsewhen Press on 1st July 2022.




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