Dr Miriam Seacastle

Dr Miriam SeacastleDr Miriam Seacastle is Visiting Professor of Cryptozoology at the University of All Albion. She has long been fascinated by the creatures and beasts who lurk in the shadows of our perception and that step only warily out into the bright light of reality. She is the author of several works on the subject, including Nightmares and Other Beasts, The Hidden Kingdom and Fantastical Creatures: an investigation into Mythozoology and Cryptozoology. She focuses mainly on the shadow fauna of the British Isles, but also spent several years researching the entities to be found in the Middle East and North Africa.

In her spare time, she gardens, compiles crosswords and collects antique teapots. She lives with several cats and a human, none of which, so far as she is aware, are supernatural in any way.


Cover image: Alison BuckRed Dragon, Dr Seacastle’s Bestiary of Modern Britain, was privately published by the author in a limited edition in 1999 but has since been unobtainable. Elsewhen Press are pleased to be able to produce a facsimile of that edition which was published by Elsewhen Press on 1st April 2022.




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