James Starling

Image of James Starling by Hannah B. FarrellJames Starling is, by any definition of the word, a gamer. From the mean inhospitable streets of a lovely little community nestled deep within the Devon coastline, James finds himself caught between two distant generations. Dragged along with the modern and the technological, he revels in the virtual environments and endless community entertainment of this millennium’s gaming scene. However you view it, he’s certainly caught up in the rush of gaming to the point where it’s become a bit of an obsession.

Bridging the chasm-like void between literature and gaming, James brings together both the disturbingly amusing black humour of the gaming community and the focus, scope and monumental scale possible within modern literature.

He’s quite fond of the end result… Of course, he’s also been heard to furiously defend the potential virtues of chocolate-coated bacon, so his opinion might be somewhat invalid.

photograph: Yellowj/shutterstock.comThe first volume of James’ exciting new four-part science fiction series, Arteess: Conflict was published by Elsewhen Press on 26th July 2013.




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    James can be contacted via Elsewhen Press using james.starling (at) elsewhen.co.uk