K.C. Aegis

K.C. AegisAs a kid, K.C. spent most of his weekends at a tool and die shop operating a forty-ton punch press and cutting metal with an electrical discharge machine. He spent most summers in Mexico, fishing with his dad or blowing things up with cheap m-80 firecrackers.

In high school, he organized book clubs on both the football and wrestling teams. They read Stephen King and Isaac Asimov on the long bus rides to and from competitions. In hindsight, K.C. realizes this could be why they lost so many games. Too much focus on robots and clowns.

He always knew he wanted to be a writer. And some have reported him as claiming that he bleeds printer’s ink—but it’s probably just Oreos and caffeine.

After high school, he married his high school sweetheart (strangely enough, they first met in the infant care center where they were both born). He and his wife worked their way through college, had three amazing little humans of their own, and did their very best to act like responsible adults despite going slowly insane.

K.C. found that his dawning insanity was most helpful in writing stories. He cleared some space in the garage and raided yard sales for a suitable desk. Much of his writing took place in between feedings and diaper changes in the middle of the night. In time, he began having some success. Remember the Sunflowers and Progeny of the Storm were his first published short stories (both available on his website), and his first completed novel was a prize-winning finalist in Del Sol Press’ Best First Novel Competition. Her Gilded Voice will be his first published novel.

Currently, K.C. teaches Language Arts in Los Angeles County. When he isn’t teaching or spending time with his family, he is often lost in thought… the fragments of his next story clanking together like bits of metal from his childhood punch press.


K.C. Aegis’ novel, Her Gilded Voice, will be published by Elsewhen Press in 2024.




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