Neil Faarid

Neil Faarid was born in the North of the UK, in a small town you’ve probably never heard of. He studied in Leeds but, after three years, decided he didn’t like flat caps and moved away. Hoping to write a novel or two, Neil now lives in Oxford where he enjoys being unmarried and having no pets. Neil likes to write both sci-fi and fantasy, and has a few more stories he’s working on, though The Adventures of Kit Brennan is the first to be published. He also likes to listen to music and doodle. Neil is not his real name.

[Re]Awakenings Cover ImageNeil’s story The Adventures of Kit Brennan: Kidnapped! is included in [Re]Awakenings, an anthology of new speculative fiction which was published by Elsewhen Press on 21st November 2011.




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    Neil can be contacted via Elsewhen Press using neil.faarid (at)