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soavatarSanem Ozdural was born in Ankara, Turkey in the 70s, and spent her childhood from age seven onwards in England.  Happy days at a quintessentially British boarding school in Surrey helped forge her character and tastes, not to mention lasting friendships.  Making her way to the U.S. she studied economics at Princeton University.  After graduating from Boston University School of Law, she moved to New Orleans where she practiced as a prosecutor and civil litigator, and spent seven wonderful years living in the French Quarter.

In 2004 she migrated from New Orleans via Washington, D.C., reaching New York City in 2006, where she lived and practiced law until 2013. After teaching business law at Koç University in Istanbul for a few semesters, she returned to New Orleans to work once again as a lawyer. In 2018 she moved back to New York. Sanem was an avid bridge player until the tenth round of revisions to her debut novel.  She is now thoroughly enjoying an indefinite bridge sabbatical, and imagining all sorts of stories that feature absolutely no bridge or chess.

LiGa™Sanem’s debut novel LiGa™ (which, as you might have guessed, involves bridge and chess) was published by Elsewhen Press on 31st July 2012.


Artwork: Alison BuckSanem’s second novel, the Dark shall do what Light cannot, which follows some of the characters from LiGa™ into the world of Pera, was published by Elsewhen Press on 10th April 2015.


Artwork: Alison BuckThis short introduction to Shadow, Extracts from The Book of Shadow, has been made available for free download from Elsewhen Press to coincide with the publication of the paperback edition of the Dark shall do what Light cannot on 27th July 2015.


Existence is Elsewhen by John Gribbin et al; Artwork by Alison BuckSanem’s story The Song of the Sky is included in the anthology Existence is Elsewhen which was published by Elsewhen Press on 18th March 2016.




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