Victoria Ling

At the age of six Victoria watched the TV adaptation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and it sparked a life-long love for science fiction and fantasy (she therefore considers the first five years of her life to have been a waste). Science and fiction have separately shaped her life; the science part came in the form of a degree in archaeology here, a PhD in human evolution there and she worked as a research associate for several years before giving it all up to move to the countryside. On the fiction front, Victoria is influenced by the likes of HG Wells, Jules Verne, MR James, Dickens, Wilkie Collins, and many others. Victoria by name, Victorian by nature. She is a huge animal lover, vegan, loves sixties music, adores classic Doctor Who, and has a huge book collection that smells as good as it looks. She has never worn a digital watch.


King Street Run, Victoria’s contemporary fantasy set in Cambridge, will be published by Elsewhen Press in 2024.




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