Let’s escape

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You Can't Kill the Multiverse* cover image Artwork: Hannah B. Farrell Montreal Background image: Gisela McKay Artwork: Hannah B. Farrell Photograph of Dingle Dell: Jose Manuel Revuelta Luna/shutterstock.com Cover artwork: Hannah B. Farrell ARNS Cover on wall by permission of Travis Miles

Cover artwork by Hugh Spencer



Artwork: Alison Buck Artwork: Tony Allcock


Bookworm cover image Bookworm II – The Very Ugly Duckling cover image

[Re]Awakenings Cover Image


Queens of Antares: Bloodline returned cover image Entanglement cover image


LiGa™ cover Japanese Daisy Chain cover image The Rhymer cover image

The Magician in the Attic cover image


The Black Hole Bar cover image [Re]Awakenings Cover Image Gardens of Earth Cover Image


The Ascent of Isaac Steward cover image Blue Friday cover image Convergence cover image TimeStorm cover image


The Royal Sorceress cover image The Great Game cover image Necropolis cover image The Janus Cycle cover image

Ghosts on the Prairies cover image


Glass Shore cover image [Re]Awakenings Cover Image


The Lost Men Cover Future Perfect cover image

[Re]Awakenings and Existence is Elsewhen are anthologies and hence appear in more than one group above; not all stories in each anthology will be in any one group