Our Series

While some of our titles are intended to be read as entirely standalone stories, others are written as part of a series. The series are as follows:

Arteess by James Starling

The Avatars of Ruin series by Tej Turner

Blueprint trilogy by Katrina Mountfort

Bookworm series by Christopher G. Nuttall

Curlew Chronicles by Caspian

Dandelion Trilogy by Mike French

Evil Above the Stars series by P. R. Ellis

The Fixpoint Trilogy by CM Angus

The Iberan War series by Jonathan Rivalland

Inverse Shadows universe by Christopher Nuttall

LiGa series by Sanem Ozdural

Magic Fix series by Mark Montanaro

Mandigo trilogy by Anders Reemark

Marek series by Juliet Kemp

Million Eyes series by C.R. Berry

Queens of Antares: Bloodline trilogy by PR Pope

Royal Sorceress series by Christopher G. Nuttall

Sacred Land Stories by Tanya Reimer

Sooty Feathers series by David Craig

The Sundering Chronicles by Mark Iles

Symphony of the Cursed series by Rebecca Hall

Transdimensional Authority series by Ira Nayman

Underside series by Zoë Sumra

The Unwritten Words series by Christopher G. Nuttall

Witchfinder series by Simon Kewin

Worlds Apart collective by Terry Jackman