Inverse Shadows

by Christopher Nuttall

An epic new science fiction series from Christopher Nuttall begins with the intriguingly-titled Sufficiently Advanced Technology.

The first book in the Inverse Shadows universe, Sufficiently Advanced Technology, was published by Elsewhen Press in July 2013

Sufficiently Advanced Technology

The first book in the Inverse Shadows universe

shuttle: Alison Buck, photographs: SimonB, LianeM/
shuttle: Alison Buck, photographs: SimonB, LianeM/

The Confederation, a multi-planetary post-singularity society, desperately wants to know how to achieve transcendence into an Elder Race. Their scouts encounter Darius, a lost colony world whose inhabitants have apparently discarded the technology that brought them to the planet, in order to adopt a virtually feudal culture.

But the scouts are shocked when they discover that the controlling elite, in each of the major centres of population, exhibit abilities that defy the accepted laws of physics. Although the population appear to believe their leaders to be capable of performing sorcery, the Confederation concludes they must in fact be using a technology sufficiently advanced to seem like magic. Is it a technology left behind by long-gone Elders, or an indication of an advanced race trying to control the colony – perhaps one of a number of such races who are intent on meddling in human affairs? Read more…