Magic Fix series

by Mark Montanaro

War isn’t a game. Or at least it isn’t a very fun one. It’s only fun for the winners, and even then, only the ones who manage to stay alive at the end of it. In fact, whether there are winners in war is somewhat debatable. The High Elf of Lanthyn once claimed that there were only ever losers, and other losers who didn’t lose quite as badly.

This theory was widely discredited during the 7th Age when the Lord of the People famously declared war on poverty. After that, a famine began in the realm, which was followed by a series of crime waves. Ten miserable years later it was generally accepted that poverty had actually won.

But even though war wasn’t fun, or enjoyable, and there were very few winners, it still happened a lot in the Known World. But, there are always some people who are keen to try to bring peace, even if that means using force!

© 2020 Mark Montanaro and Alison Buck

There are six realms in the Known World: Humans, Elves, Trolls, Ogres, and Goblins. Oh, and not forgetting Pixies (which almost everyone does).

The Magic Fix the first book of the Magic Fix series, was published by Elsewhen Press on 25th September 2020.

The Magic Fix

Book 1 of The Magic Fix series

The Known World needs a fix or things could get very ugly (even uglier than an Ogre!)

Cover design: S & A Buck

“Did we win the battle?” asked King Wyndham.

“Well it depends how you define winning,” answered Longfield, one of the King’s royal commanders.

In fact, the Humans are fighting a losing battle with the Trolls. Meanwhile the Ogres are up to something, which probably isn’t good. Could one flying unicorn bring about peace in the Known World? No, obviously not.

But maybe a group of rebels have the answer. Or perhaps the answer lies with a young Pixie with one remarkable gift. Does the Elvish Oracle have the answer? Who knows? And, even if she did, would anyone understand her cryptic answers (we all know what Oracles are like!)

The Known World is in danger of being rent in twain, and twain-rending is never good!

Did I mention the dragon? No? Ah… well… there’s also a dragon.…
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The Enchanting Tricks the second book of the Magic Fix series, will be published by Elsewhen Press on 14th October 2022.

The Enchanting Tricks

Book 2 of The Magic Fix series

The Known World is still not fixed… and things have got ugly

Cover: S & A Buck
Cover: S & A Buck

In the Goblin realm, Queen Afflech was doing remarkably well considering the circumstances. She had seen her husband die, and both her sons killed within the space of a couple of weeks. That kind of thing does tend to bring you down a bit.

Losing three kings in a few days looked rather careless. But of more concern to the Goblin warlords was whether it looked weak to their enemies. They suspected the Humans were behind one death and the Ogres behind another. The Pixies were no threat, the Trolls would probably soon be killing one another again, and the Elves were irrelevant (or, to be precise, just annoying).

Meanwhile, King Wyndham wanted to show the Goblins that Humans were not to blame (apart from the two that were to blame). Petra, the most famous Pixie in the Known World, knew exactly who was to blame. Lord Protector Higarth was determined to help the Goblins with their predicament, whether they wanted Ogre-help or not.

But on the plus side, the dragon’s gone; and there are still plenty of unicorns… maybe they can somehow solve everything?…
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