Mandigo trilogy

by Anders Reemark

A new YA fantasy series from Anders Reemark begins with Mandigo and the Hellhounds.

Although the mediaeval setting and characters have a Scandinavian feel, Anders’ story itself is timeless, transcending national borders and cultures, and appealing to everyone. Young readers in any country will empathise with Mandigo as his life takes sudden and unexpected turns, he discovers the truth about his own past, and starts to fear for his future and that of everyone he loves.

The first book in the Mandigo trilogy, Mandigo and the Hellhounds, was originally published in 2015 in Danish (as Mandigo og Helvedeshundene), and by Elsewhen Press in August 2016 in an English translation by Nina Sokol.

Mandigo and the Hellhounds

Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

When eight-year old Mandigo finds a baby on a raft in a river, he saves it but, when he tries to carry it back to his village, he is stopped by a large stag. The stag forces Mandigo to take the baby deep into the forest, and soon other animals join the curious trio…

Thus begin the adventures of Mandigo, a boy who spends his days toiling in his father’s mill in the mediaeval village of Oakhill. Little does he know that his life until this moment has all been one big lie. When the cataclysmic event known as the Storm wreaked havoc across the world many years before, it changed the landscape and released violent magical forces.

By his twelfth birthday, Mandigo has discovered that he has become the unwitting focus of those magical forces. He must quickly learn how to deal with them in order to save not only his own soul, but also the lives of everyone he loves.

The problem is that the Hellhounds are already on to him…
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