Queens of Antares: Bloodline trilogy

by PR Pope

Queens of Antares: Bloodline is a new trilogy for readers of all ages from 10 to 100. Already compared to CS Lewis and CJ Cherryh, PR Pope weaves an enchanting tale around three young people who are accidentally transported from their mundane lives to a new world, where they must find the strength to lead a revolution in order to make their way home.  On the way they discover who they really are, where they belong and the enduring power of a bloodline.

The first volume Queens of Antares: Bloodline returned was published by Elsewhen Press in February 2012.

Queens of Antares: Bloodline returned

Volume 1 of the Bloodline trilogy

Queens of Antares: Bloodline returned cover image
Artwork: Alison Buck

What would you do if you found out your dotty old Gran wasn’t from Surrey after all, but from a planet six hundred light years away across the galaxy? Not only that but she’s really an exiled Princess from a Royal family that has been virtually wiped out by a tyrannical usurper. Would you believe it?

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